data-channel: software connectivity and integrations

Data-Channel’s products and service are based on, and provided by, the most recent trends and technologies. We take advantage of any and all advancements, whether method or material, in order to provide our customers the solutions and edge they need.

Our responsive client and web applications, rendered locally or server-side, provide an intuitive and productive user experience while maintaining a small resource footprint, blazing speed, and a high level of platform and device independence.

Planswift S100C Plugin

$295 00

per subscription*
*$250 Recurring Annually

Composed of award winning development, sales and support staff, Data-Channel’s personnel have decades of experience and broad industry exposure. We’re here to help when you need it.

Buyout S100C

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per subscription*
*$750 Recurring Annually

Data-Channel’s cross-platform, multi-device products are second to none. Written and developed by professionals with more than a decade in the game, Data-Channel products are powerful, fast, intuitive, and well documented.

Buyout S300CRE

$3495 00

per subscription*
*$1050 Recurring Annually

Today's n-tier systems, runtime environments and platform foundations are far beyond the software systems of yesterday. The latest technologies are superior in ability, performance, security, portability, and reliability. They have proven revolutionary.

Many have come to know their value as opportunities to streamline, integrate, and interconnect processes and systems have never been greater. Forward-thinking businesses capitalize, innovate, and ultimately grow their bottom-line with the help of our products and service.