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We pair best-of-breed technologies with our experienced staff to provide valuable, full life-cycle supported, enterprise-level software, systems integrations, and process augmentations.

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Business Cloud
Information Connect

This local service allows flat file, relational data (CSV and XLSX) to be quickly and easily imported into Sage 100 Contractor®.

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TUG 2021 Webinar

Our Director of Customer Service, Kelcie Flores, presented to TUG attendees on how to overcome Sage 100 Contractor® isolation and open up your organization's digital options with Data-Channel software and services.


Increase efficiency, accuracy and profitability with our multi-platform, high-performance, software products.

Production Channel

Administration Channel, Dispatch Channel, and Mobile Channel provide advanced feature sets for Sage 100 Contractor® users including special pricing, warranty tracking, resource scheduling, time keeping, GPS features, and more.

Business Cloud

Information Connect and Information Extract allow flat file data (CSV and XLSX) to be quickly and easily imported to, or exported from, Sage 100 Contractor®.

Buyout for S300CRE/S100C

Use Sage Estimating® data to generate Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate® Commitments and Budgets or create Sage 100 Contractor® 9-5 Takeoffs which can then be exported to Budgets, Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, and Change Orders.

Business Reporting

RTF based reporting solution for Sage 100 Contractor® that allows users to quickly create reports from their Company data, perform mail merges, and email intended recipients.

Sync Channel

Provides advanced integration between the Sage 100 Contractor® and Procore® systems. Data exchange is bi-directional where possible. Entity and field coverage between the two systems continues to be expanded.

Event Channel

Brings the ability to fire custom events based on a schedule and Sage 100 Contractor® data criteria being met. These events can perform a host of operations from sending emails to generating reports to modifying data which could then trigger another event.

Bid Request Channel

Create Supplier and Vendor Bid Request from Sage Estimating® data allowing potential bidders to be selected, notified via email, and awarded by line item or overall bid.

Client Proposal Channel

Create Special Pricing and Client Proposals from Sage Estimating® data including complex computations, price versus cost analysis, add-ons, and user row manipulation.

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End-User Documentation

Information regarding the interface elements used in our software and how to perform most-common tasks is available at...


Let our experienced staff help provide your organization with real world value-add and competitive advantages by automating, streamlining, augmenting and integrating existing processes, software systems, services and data stores.


We provide expert-level knowledge and advice from our decades of experience augmenting and automating business systems and processes with software applications and services. Our team can quickly assess where overall value-add can be mined as well as project feasibility, requirements, and cost.


We take complex organization requirements and use them to augment, or otherwise automate, current business systems and processes with software interfaces designed for usability, efficiency, and overall utility.


Our team works with your organization to develop and deploy custom software applications and services, built using modern, business-ready, foundations, languages and technologies.


We have many levels of product, service and IT support available. Our professional support staff are knowledgeable and responsive. Whether by email, phone, remote connection, or on-site, our staff are available and ready to help; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Products and Services

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